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At OGEN, we have a team of highly skilled Private Investigators with over 20 years of experience in the collection and analysis of business intelligence, catering to both the business and public sectors throughout Israel and abroad. 

We have built a team of discreet and efficient Private Investigators, well practiced in gaining intelligence utilizing highly specialized and legal methods.

We specialize in collecting and verifying reliable information to help you solve complex business problems and dilemmas. OGEN is here to serve your business' intelligence acquisition and protection.

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?What services can you expect from us

OGEN offers a wide range of services to support you at any point in your professional relationships and decision-making processes. Here's a brief insight as to what you can expect from us.

Collecting competitive intelligence As part of the work of a private investigator - OGEN

Collecting competitive intelligence

It's always a good business decision to know what your competitors are up to. Gaining insight into the happenings of your competitors can allow you to make critical marketing and hiring decisions, pre-empt the next trend in your industry, and control the market. Gain the upper hand and empower your business with deep competitive intelligence.


Economic InvestigationsAs part of the work of a private investigator -OGEN

Economic Investigations

One of the most effective ways to ensure your business's future growth and development is by improving your business's knowledge of economic and strategic intelligence. To further grow and develop, we collect, process, analyze, and verify our found intelligence regarding your interested and involved parties. Whether they are potential partnerships, employees, investors, or competitors, we will unveil any potential risk areas.

Reliability checks for employees As part of the work of a private investigator - OGEN

Reliability checks for employees

This information is verified before a new hire signs their contract to ensure they are being upfront with their history and are indeed a reliable candidate. Or an existing employee wishes to receive access to a certain level of private company information.

Surveillance As part of the work of a private investigator - OGEN


Each situation requires a unique approach. If you have reason to believe that you or your business may be at risk of harm or stolen information, setting up a professional surveillance system (both in-person and online) can help protect your business assets.

Embezzlement investigation and prevention As part of the work of a private investigator - OGEN

Embezzlement investigation and prevention

Businesses all around the world lose money every year due to embezzlement. Unfortunately, many employees and even owners often have no idea it is occurring right under their noses. Embezzlement investigation and prevention practices can help not only secure a business's funds but to maintain a level of trust and security within your organization.

Organizational risk management As part of the work of a private investigator - OGEN

Organizational risk management

All companies must take risks if they wish to grow to any degree. However, having a data-informed and strategic risk strategy can help mitigate and minimize any unnecessary risk on your part.

Due diligence As part of the work of a private investigator - OGEN

Due diligence

Due diligence is the examination of an individual, business, or organization to inform vital decisions such as employment or partnership investments. For example, this process will usually occur before a new hire signs their contract or a partnership agreement is formed to ensure that the involved party is sharing information about themselves and their current situation that is true and correct.

Detection of eavesdropping As part of the work of a private investigator - OGEN

Detection of eavesdropping

Eavesdropping is much more than a schoolyard term. In the business and security world, it references the theft of private information, usually retrieved via hacking or viruses. However, there are multiple ways you can protect yourself online to minimize the risk of confidential information being stolen.

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What you should do before hiring a Private Investigator

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Make sure the Private Investigator has a license

This should be the first question you ask a potential Private Investigator. Legitimate Private Investigators will pre-empt this, and if they can't provide proof of said license, well, you should keep searching. Of course, you want someone who is well experienced and qualified, but for your sake, you also need to ensure that everything you're doing is legal to prevent any issues for your business.

Make sure the private investigator is a member of the organization of private investigators

Again, this further legitimizes them and their actions and ensures that they do everything correctly and legally. Being a part of this organization also means that they are much more likely to have connections to individuals and resources that may stretch outside their (and your) specific area. For example, if you're considering a partnership with an international investor for the first time and need information gathered from a multitude of areas.

Make sure your Private Investigator specializes in the area that you require

This may mean both; a particular country or region, or they have connections in said region. Or, it may mean they specialize in a specific area of investigation such as corporate investigations, technical surveillance and protection, or embezzlement investigation and security.

Gather recommendations and referrals

Word of mouth and personal experience is one of the most trusted methods of referrals. When you're first searching, ask your other 'business buddies' who they used to conduct their Private Investigations and how they felt about the work they did for them. Once you've found a potential contender, you can ask them if you're able to speak to any of their previous clients to hear about their experience with them. Due to the nature of the work, this isn't always an option, but sometimes it is, and you'll never know unless you ask.

Ensure you thoroughly vet the investigation firm

Then, depending on each of your locations, you may choose to conduct an in-person interview. Or host a meeting via Zoom. Either way, make sure you chat with them first and do due process.

Trust your gut

Some of the best advice you'll ever get to help you across the board is this: trust your gut. This intelligence firm will essentially become another arm of your business, even if they're just a contractor. So make sure the firm and its processes are something you're happy to get on board with.

?Why choose us

OGEN specializes in helping successful businesses gain intelligence to make critical decisions and power their eventual growth and development. We have a wide range of experience in Israel and abroad and have immense experience that has enabled us to create a top-tier level of service.

OGEN Investigations prides itself on being discreet and strategic. Our team has over 20 years of experience, which means we have perfected our processes and security procedures to best serve our clients. Once we receive a work request, our team designs a custom strategy to gather the deep intelligence your business requires. At the end of our work together, you will receive a detailed report of our findings and intelligence analysis, allowing you to make informed business decisions.

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