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Our firm provides professional services in the field of business intelligence collection. We have been operating for over 20 years, and our team has extensive experience in competitive intelligence, detection and identification of embezzlement of funds and trust, and economic investigations. In addition, we have supported high-profile businesses by gathering intellectual and business property information, monitoring internal and external organizational factors, conducting risk surveys, and due diligence. Ogen is licensed to operate in these fields by the Ministry of Justice.

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An Overview of our Services

Whether you're considering partnering with a new business, signing a new employee and need due diligence on them, or require research on your competition, we've got you covered. Ogen has a catalog of professional Private Detective services to serve your business.

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Competitive Intelligence

  • Gain insight into the trends and decisions of your competitors to allow you to make informed marketing and hiring decisions, predict the next direction in your industry, control the market, and gain the upper hand.
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Ogen has many methods of surveillance to protect your business, both in person and online.

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Economic Investigations

  • We will collect, process, analyze, and verify our intelligence on your behalf regarding your potential partnerships, employees, investors, or competitors to improve your business' economic and strategic intelligence.
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Risk Management

  • Gaining a data-informed and strategic risk analysis can help mitigate and minimize any unnecessary risk for your business. Some risks are 'worth it, and others aren't. We can provide you with a detailed report to support your decision-making process.
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Reliability Checks

  • Allow us to verify information regarding new potential hires. Or even existing employees who wish to obtain private intelligence about the company.
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  • Many businesses can lose funds due to embezzlement. During our embezzlement investigation process, we will uncover potential risks, informing our protection and prevention methods.
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Eavesdropping Detection

  • This service entails detecting the theft of private information from within your company. This information is usually stolen online via hacking or viruses, and there are ways we can further protect your business online.
A figure of a man sitting at a table with paperwork representing the work of a private detective in due diligence - OGEN

Due Diligence

On your behalf, Ogen will investigate the validity of an entity's claimed background and seek if there is any additional information they may have withheld that will affect your company.

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Recommended steps before approaching a Private Detective

Having the right Private Detective firm to support your team is critical as it's their findings and intelligence that you will use to make crucial business decisions and fuel your business's eventual growth and development. So, if you're on the search for the right Private detective for your needs, here's what we suggest you do before hiring anyone.

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Make sure the Private Detection firm has a license

All legitimate business intelligence firms will have to present evidence of this. If they can't provide proof of the license, you should keep searching.

Make sure the private detective firm is a member of the organization of private detectives

Being a part of this organization also means that they are much more likely to have connections to individuals and resources that may stretch outside their (and your) specific area. For example, if you're considering a partnership with an international investor for the first time and need information gathered from a multitude of areas. It also further legitimizes the intelligence firm.

Make sure your private detective firm specializes in the area you require

This may mean a country or region (or they may have connections in that region.) The intelligence firm specializes in a specific area of intelligence gathering. In addition, some business intelligence firms will have private detectives specializing in different areas.

Recommendations and referrals

Word of mouth and personal experience is one of the most trusted methods of referrals. Once you've found a potential contender, you can ask them if you're able to speak to any of their previous clients to hear about their experience with them. Due to the nature of the work, this isn't always an option, but sometimes it is, and you'll never know unless you ask. You can also ask your business connections what service they have used for their business.

?Why choose us

There are many reasons a business may require the services of a firm of private detectives, and there are many excellent services out there. But, the thing that sets Ogen above the rest is our extensive experience and elite-level support. Our team comprises individuals with varying skill sets who specialize in different areas, researchers, private detectives, directs and co-ordinators, analysts, and more—ensuring the most comprehensive and skilled support for you and your business.


Our headquarters are located in the country's center and have served numerous businesses throughout Israel and abroad. We have a license to operate from the Ministry of Justice and practice acquiring evidence correctly and legally. This ensures all intelligence can be used in a court of law, if necessary.

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